They say...

They say a woman is not truly a woman until she becomes a mother.

As if there is a level to be reached

Like being alive isn't enough

My womanhood challenged by the decision not to have children

Quick to judge

No interest in my background

No knowledge of how I got here

How the decision was made


They look at me with pity

"You will never feel real love, “The kind of love that only a mother can feel”

They have made me question myself

Turn my woman parts

Useless, selfish, unholy

My contribution to the world null & void


Society pressures

My fertility public

They try to strip me from my gender

Stamp me irregular

As if a woman is born solely for childbearing

Just because you can doesn't mean you have to

Motherhood is an option, a choice

Not an obligation 

A woman isn’t defined by the children she bears

The title is sometimes just a formality


Childless does not mean unloved


So even if my parts may or may not be broken

Or I had no father

Or my mother did not nurture me enough

Or some other possible traumatic event

Or or or

Maybe I just don't want to....


Children or no children


I am woman. 


By: Vanessa Chica Ferreira