Fan mail

These words constantly inspire us to be a voice for the childfree:

“I have to say that I just found this community. And today was the day I firmly realized I didn’t want kids. Ever. I’ve become so much more vocal about being childfree recently and communities like yours make it so much easier to open up about my choice. It also reminds me that I’m not alone and I don’t have to settle for someone who wants kids! I’m so glad you exist; thank you!” – Keelan C.

"I felt alone for a long time also. Like something was wrong with me for not having the maternal desire for children. I am so grateful for your page and the childfree community as a whole for making me realize I wasn’t alone, or weird, or broken." - Collen V.


“I just want to thank whoever’s responsible for this community for being on the right side of history. I’m not a woman but I’m very passionate about teaching people the dangers of overpopulation. It’s great to see at least one group that’s focusing on the right things. Thanks for showing me there are still sane people out there. Folks like you keep me going and restore my faith in humanity. Keep doing the good work!” – Erim B.


“I just had my tubal ligation done today and my husband and I couldn't be happier! While I'm having some discomfort, I know that this is worth going through. I cannot imagine going through a pregnancy or childbirth. It just isn't for me, and that's ok! Thank you Childfree is Not a Dirty Word community for helping me find a childfree friendly doctor! Your support is amazing!” – Beth B.


“Thank you for doing what you do for us. It has been extremely helpful for me, psychologically, to be able to talk with other childfree women.” – Veronique D.

"I just wanted to say thank you for constantly being a page that sheds light, hope, and affirmation on those who don’t want children. I was sexually assaulted by my father, mentally, sexually, and verbally abused. I rescue animals now, but the thought of having children gives me panic attacks and spirals me back to an incredibly dark time in my life. I’m sure I would be just as bad as my family if I ever had the misfortune of having a kid. Thank you. Thank you so much for existing and being you and letting others know they’re not alone. I’ve never felt more alone than I do right now, sitting in the south, being judged and berated for believing women should choose what they want to do with their bodies. Please never change. You are a light of hope in a very dark world." -E.


“I just wanted to say, I stumbled across your Facebook page and reading through the posts have made me so happy. This is such a great and validating community. Just wanted to say thanks!” – Camila M.


“I've been following your blog now and have kept relatively quiet, just loving the idea that other women are feeling the same way that I do. I literally know no one personally who shares my views so it was nice to find this community. I am from Trinidad and Tobago and people think you're nuts if you don’t want kids. You're spreading the word on serious things while keeping the page entertaining and engaging. Keep it up!” – Shanelle J.


“Glad I could find a happy, supportive childfree page! I am an aunt and absolutely love my nieces and nephews!” – Kaitlyn H.

“I love your page, it has helped both my husband and I us embrace the fact that life without children can be wonderful, fulfilling, and beautiful. So please keep doing what you're doing, your page has literally changed our lives and marriage for the better. Thank you so much for that!” – Leigh D.


“Love this forum. Great community for people who have chosen to be childfree!” – Gabrielle S.


“I have never wanted kids. I'm so sick of that decision being met with derision by our procreation obsessed society. It's nice to have a page full of like-minded people that don't treat me like I'm mentally ill for choosing not to have children.” – Elizabeth H.


“I happened across your Facebook page and I just wanted to say that while I am not childfree myself, I fully support and understand some women’s decision not to become a mother. I love your page. So many of these amazing women say what many others are thinking and just haven’t been able to express yet! Keep up the awesome work.” – Hannah P.


“Thank you for sharing these views outside of a closed group. This page is friendly and accepting of all views whilst still educating people about the option to be child free. It makes me feel less alone.” – Gilly S.

"This is probably an odd thing to say but... I made a decision that I wanted kids later (I am 32) because I am not ready to give up my career and my sleep just yet. I actually think that being childfree in this day and age is a pretty healthy and considered choice. Woman have more pressures in society now and have to fight to be equal. No, it’s not a choice for all but it’s pretty bloody smart if you don’t want to be a parent. So I say thank you for putting this out there and giving others strength to know they have the ability to choose. I like the lifting up, love and support. It’s like the perfect bra. Keep it up!" - Claire C.


“I love that you are not child/parent-bashing. Just fun stuff that I say to my parent friends, and even jokes they make about themselves! Thank you for doing this!” – Krista J.


“Best childfree page around. Thanks so much for all you do for this community and for making it a supportive place with a positive vibe.” – Tenielle W.


“So thankful for this community. Keeps me comforted that I'm not a failure for not being able to, nor wanting to, have kids. Also, NOT a hateful place like many child free places. Love this page. Thank you.” – Kristy P.


“I just wanted to say that I appreciate the message and idea of your page- the whole idea of being childfree. I have two children. I had my first child in my teens to escape an abusive home and my second child at the age of 20, thanks to a birth control mishap and a threat from my husband
because I wanted to terminate the pregnancy. My life has went downhill in so very many ways. I often feel that I don’t have one at all! I don't like being a mother (though everyone raves on and on about how I’m such a 'perfect' one)- inside I just want to scream, pull my hair out, and run away to pursue dreams that I have. The idea keeps me filled with guilt. My children are what most would call very "well behaved". It's the sheer feeling on total entrapment that keeps me miserable. I love my children with all my heart- but being a mother is not for me. It's wonderful to see so many women opting not to have children for the best of our planet and themselves. I'll always support those who wish to be childfree and if I could turn back time, I would be childfree as well. Thank you for creating this space for women who choose not to have children as a place to be supported and know that they're not alone and they're not "crazy", "wrong", or "missing out" on anything.” – H. 

“A wonderful community of positive people interested in respectful and supportive exchanges.” – Kristen T.


“I think this is one of the best educational and even spiritual pages on Facebook. I made up my mind to not have kids when I was about 14, I’m 46 and have never regretted it. Yes, hearing “why” or “how come” I don’t have kids or even get married is tough. I’m finally able to say “why” without worrying about disappointing others. Thank You!” – Stefanie D.


“This page is so affirming and makes me feel validated in my decision. I love hearing other's experiences and advice. Thank you to the moderator for starting this page!” – Austina C.

"I love your posts. Thank you so much for sharing them. I know they're a huge comfort, source of strength, and inspiration for me...and something tells me I am not alone!" -M.B.


“A good page where I can feel good about my own decision to be childfree and help others also feel good about it. I think that it'll help destigmatize not having kids.” – Steven H.


“This community keeps me from feeling alone and validates my choice and feelings about not having children. Thank you.” – Shelley H.


“I cannot believe a group like this exists! I am desperately trying to find an answer to the lack of excitement towards the idea of having kids... I constantly feel like I’m an outsider. I am not alone!” – Luna B.


“Amazing page for those of us who decide to not have children.” – Harley M.

"Thank you for all your hard work! I absolutely love having a little part of the world (even if it's online) to come where I feel 100% accepted." - Cassandra N.


"THANK YOU for this page!! I’ve always felt like a freak for not wanting kids and it’s incredibly healing to see SO MANY people in the world feel the same way I do! I just never knew they existed!" - Deanna B.

“I feel the empathy and support that I don't always have in the offline world due to being childfree.” – Edmee D.

"This childfree Facebook page is awesome. The mods are great and for the most part the people here are kind and smart. This page is so good and so informative that my fiancé has joined as well. We've been together for nearly ten years now and we have had the 'do we want kids or not' talk over the span of 2 years.....we REALLY wanted to make sure we were damn sure on what decision we made. Well, I came across the Childfree is Not a Dirty Word Facebook page via a friend, read a bunch of the articles, read what others had to say, showed the fiancé, and within a week we had our well discussed/researched answer of "No"....and we're so happy that's over! Keep up the good work ya'll!" - Rebecca H.


“Exactly what I want in a page. Honest and straight to the point.” – Olivia M.


"For the record, we men can also relate to your childfree community. I have never felt the paternal instinct and have never wanted children. This feeling is one that I have always known and accepted but was especially frowned upon in my teens and early adulthood from different sources as what else was a heterosexual man supposed to do except get married and start a family? So, keep preaching, sister. I and the others in the choir are listening!" - Mark C.

“Positive website for the childfree adult. This is a place for acceptance.” – Dawn H.

"I love this page! Other child-free groups tend to be hateful but this one is positive. Thank you for that." - Dianne B.


“This is a positive group that can provide the support needed.” – Sydney E.


“Thank you for a positive place for the childfree folks.” – Grover C.

"I was so happy to find you all! I have suffered because of my state of childfreedom, but I stayed strong. I hope young people will be able to stay strong, because we, the older ones have suffered and are trying to change things. And yes, childfree is not a dirty word!" - Claire-Marie S.


“Love this community. Judgment free zone.” – Julie J.


“Great place for like minded people to connect and feel welcome.” – Jennifer O.

"I can’t believe it took me this long to find this childfree group, but I’m so happy I did. Thank you for creating an accepting and caring community." - Kristen T.


“Thank you for making this amazing childfree space.” – Nina T.

"Thank you for making this page.  In my little part of the world, I'm the oddball so I appreciate this community greatly." - Lucy M.


“I love this community so much. It makes me feel so great that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want kids and gets shamed for it.” – Alia K.


“I talked about your childfree group with two elderly ladies today. One is childfree and loved that people now talk about it being normal not to have kids.” – Monique


“I really enjoy following this community. I live in Ireland and being childfree and wanting to keep it that way is still quite taboo in a lot of places, and certainly in Ireland. Well done for creating a community where we can talk about our choice openly. It should be as normal a thing to talk about as talking about (wanting to have) children.” – Linda


“I’m pushing 70 and I’m not “less” anything!! I never was less anything! It was my choice not to have children, and I truly do not miss it. I hated the term childless, and still do. But unfortunately, society hasn’t changed much, and I am afraid they never will… so it’s up to you “youngsters” to change it for us. Thanks for doing what you do. I’m proud of you all!!!” – Lin F.


“I’m usually docile and submissive but I’m inspired to stand up and fight back now. I’m in India and I can’t tell you how badly our kind (the childfree) get beaten down. This community helps me. Thank you.” – Sylvie A.


“I could not be more proud to be childfree right now after reading your content. Thank you for giving the childfree a voice.” – Han P.

"This page is where I feel the most connection to and understanding from others." - Kelly S.

"Thank you for keeping this wonderful page. It really means a lot to all of the childfree community." 

"I just wanted to say thank you. I'm only 18 and people around me are already telling me to think about kids and what not.I'm so sick of people telling me that not wanting them is just a phase, that I'll want to eventually have children and that I will never find someone who will love me without giving them children. Following a page like yours really puts a smile on my face and makes me remember that I'm not alone. Thank you for bringing not just me, but lots of people big smiles." 

"This childfree community is an inspiration to me. It's incredibly comforting to know I'm not alone in choosing to live a life free from bearing and raising my own biological children. Forget the haters; keep rocking on!"

"Love this childfree website. Wish it had been around 25 years ago when I was in my 30s and hearing the same sh*t. Bravo!" - Elizabeth A.

"Very supportive childfree group. Whether you are a childfree man or woman, or even someone with kids who supports the childfree cause, this is a great community." - Heather R.

"I do have a child, but only one and that comes with a whole pile of its own criticisms!! What is a women who doesn't have children in a patriarchal society? What can a women do with an entire life not dedicated to pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing? Well she is free to be, free to achieve anything at any age, she is powerful, she is terrifying to both men and tradition-clinging women. SHE is the most fascinating woman of all to me. SHE is where I find my inspiration. And I hope these women on the frontier read this and know it won't always be the frontier." - Lin Z

"God bless this page. I feel normal for not wanting kids because of you guys!" - K.

"I'm so grateful for childfree pages like this one. They're one of the few things that make me feel less alone in my choice. I live in the South (East Tennessee) and I have yet to find one person who is childfree and my age (in the wild)." - Ryenne W. 

"Thank you for giving us childfree people  a safe place to talk and socialise, it has been a godsend." 

 "I just want to tell you, I don't remember how I stumbled upon your page but it has been giving me life. I lost my mom when I was only 16 and had a terrible relationship with my father for years after (since reconciled). For years all I wanted was to be a mom. I think I wanted to connect with her in that way. The freedom I felt when I literally woke up one day and realized this is 100% something I NEVER WANTED was amazing. I'm so thankful for this page and what you're doing. I LOVE all the advice of how to handle the questions and just the all around solidarity. THANK YOU!!!! Love from MPLS MN." - B.

"Morning, a message to say thank you for your page. It's been a great relief to see that there are a lot of other women out there who feel the same way I do about having children. I'm in my 30's, educated and hold a good job, however I still managed to feel like I was the only one in the world who felt being child free was the best thing I could do for myself and my family and that there was something wrong with me for feeling so. I appreciate your page and check it regularly. I'm still struggling to fully accept my choice myself, but I feel like your page has been a great step in the right direction and reading the comments voiced by your little community reinforce my own views and I'm grateful to not be alone anymore." - Sierra